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Friday, December 8, 2023

Issue 7 and Ethics

November 9, 2023
Ashley Herber

Letter from the Editor

Ashley Herber

Welcome to another thought-provoking issue of The Collegian! This edition delves deep into the intricate landscape of ethics, exploring the moral compass that guides our decisions in this ever-evolving world. As we grapple with complex issues, it's crucial to engage in meaningful discussions that shape our values and actions. 

In this issue, we also take a closer look at the transformative influence of AI, particularly ChatGPT, on our society. Ethical questions arise as we navigate the expanding role of AI in our lives, and it's our duty to ponder its impact on communication, privacy, and even decision-making processes. 

So, join us on this journey of ethical exploration, as we continue to embrace open dialogue and critical thinking. Let these pages be your compass as you navigate the labyrinth of moral choices in our modern world. [1] 


The above article was entirely written by ChatGPT. Could you tell, faithful reader? I gave ChatGPT the editor’s page of The Collegian and asked it to write a 150-word letter from the editor in the style of Ashley Herber for an issue about ethics. This is, to my knowledge, the first piece of writing published in The Collegian ever written by AI (or at least it better be).  

Do you use ChatGPT to do your homework? Do your friends? If I had to guess, I’d say the answer for many would be yes to at least one of those questions. Because of this, most professors have decided to either embrace the technology or vehemently push against it. To learn about the different approaches professors on this campus are taking to AI in the classroom, read Caidyn’s feature. 

ChatGPT certainly created new ethical conversations by making the grey area of life a little wider, or at least more accessible. But it has also had a positive impact and made many people’s lives easier. This is what makes the discussion of ethics so difficult—if any issue were truly black and white, truly cut and dry, truly obviously right or wrong, there would be no ethical discussions.  

Business ethics, a class that delves into how people discuss ethics and make ethical decisions (particularly in business) is required for all business majors. Professor Conna Bond currently teaches the class, and each quarter she has Bruce Thorn, a WWU alumnus, speak to students about his experience of ethical and unethical business. To read more about how his experience has shaped his view of business ethics, read Ana’s article this week. 

To read about a more black and white case of ethics, read this week’s installment of Cameron’s murder mystery series which includes murder, kidnapping, and the mafia. Can you figure out who the killer is before Shirley does? 



  1. OpenAI. (2023). ChatGPT (Mar 14 version) [Large language model].  



  1. ASWWU_wfinalsweek_-24. Photo by ASWWU Photo Isaac Baik.  
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