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Friday, December 8, 2023

ASWWU Financial Vice President

October 5, 2023
Rachel Seeley
Rachel Seeley

Hey there! My name is Rachel Seeley, and I am ASWWU’s Financial Vice President this year. My controller, Nyasha Pazvakawambwa, and I work to delegate, record, and track ASWWU’s money to ensure we have the financial resources needed to plan fun events that serve our WWU community. 

This year, the Financial Team’s biggest goal for ASWWU is to lay the groundwork for a successful future. Throughout the last few years, money has been tight for many businesses due to COVID-19. ASWWU has been no different. By making accurate budgets, investing our financial resources, and finding new ways to create revenue, we can set ASWWU up for success. 

Two of the main reasons I took this job are to help serve our student body and to develop my leadership and technical business skills. I hope to support our ASWWU team by getting them the resources they need to fill this year with community, invitation, and connection. Students are always welcome to stop by the ASWWU Executive Office below the cafeteria during my office hours or email me at with questions and ideas. 

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